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Mandle Muller

„I have been producing roasted almonds for 4 years and I have been using your Innoseal sealer since the beginning.
Also my customers have become accustomed to this system of resealing and easy opening the bag. It’s so cool because no one has it, at least I don’t know anyone.”

In 2022, our team had a truly heartwarming experience when we first connected with Mandle Muller from the Czech Republic. He had stumbled upon us during his online research to fix his Sealer, and we couldn’t have been more pleased to assist him as the manufacturer.

We were ecstatic when we discovered that the solution was as simple as using a new, fresh refill, and we eagerly solved all of his problems. As a token of our appreciation for his patience and understanding, we even gifted him an extra Sealer.

From being a dissatisfied customer, Mandle quickly became a valued partner, and it was inspiring to witness his unwavering passion for almonds. We couldn’t resist trying out some of his products, and we were blown away by the true craftsmanship that went into making each and every one of them.

It was a truly magical moment when we realized that two businesses had come together to share their passion for their respective products. Seeing Mandle’s dedication to using Innoseal was a beautiful thing to witness, and we were honored to be a part of it.

„Almonds you´ll love“
Roasted salted peeled almonds are just the once you´ll love. Originally are these almonds from USA, and I roast and prepare them for sale on my own.
They are without a drop of oil, covered with coarse salt, which forms crystals on almonds, and makes them so special ❤.
– Mandle Muller



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I was already familiar with the "twist&pull" system from a supplier and decided to purchase a set for myself. The delivery was swift and the customer service representative I spoke to over the phone was incredibly helpful. Upon receiving the set, I found the sealer to be immediately ready to use and the overall system appeared robust and well-made. So far, I have had no issues with the bags not closing properly, and the seal is easily opened. Overall, I am absolutely, no extremely satisfied with my purchase and highly recommend this product.
Dagwinkel Hovius
Day store The Netherlands
Thank you for your constant help and for keeping us informed in order to receive te Innoseal products as soon as possible.
Bakery Greece
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This device is incredibly user-friendly when it comes to quickly sealing bags. Moreover, its design facilitates easy opening due to the paper inserted between the tape ends. Additionally, the partial transparency of the device adds to its appeal.
The Netherlands
“Today was the first official tryout of the tamale making equipment. The sealer has added such a classy hygienic seal to the ends of all the tamales. I will not be using corn husks for the actual product in the future but your product works on both parchment paper and husk. There is not too much market for your machine in Europe but I think it would be a hit with tamale makers in the US. Sealing tamales in any other way is laborious and very time consuming. I have used food string, twist ties, and even strands of tamale husk. All of these methods don’t hold a candle to that sealer! It took about 3 seconds to seal both ends of the tamale.”
Moe, Tito’s Tamales
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