Solar panels on the roof of our factory

Shine Bright with Solar Panels

At Innoseal, we take every chance we have to act sustainably; our production easily fit in the category of sustainable products (read more about it here: made to have a long durability, and have some parts made of recycled materials. Our commitment for a brighter future does not stop here, but it starts from the basics. Trying to exploit renewable resources to produce energy as solar panels is what we have started doing when we moved to our current location in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Exactly 3 years ago, we at Innoseal had solar panels installed on the roof of our Head Quarter, thanks to Devcon ecosystems. We have started with 274 panels, shaping the name of our company, and have been adding enough to be fully green in producing energy.

Solar panels are, literally, a powerful resource that can help us fighting against air pollution and hoping for a better tomorrow. These instruments, together with the other renewable resources, can be a real game changer, because photovoltaic panels can be made of recycled materials and have no negative impact on the environment. Usually, the solar cells, that compose the solar panels, are made of silicon, a semiconductor that is the second most available element on the planet, and their technology extends their durability for decades: the electrons that enter the cells do not stop in it, but continuously come and go back, there is nothing to get worn out or used up.

Even in a cloudy and rainy country as the Netherlands, solar energy can be as useful and functional as in other sunnier countries. As a matter of fact, Holland could potentially rely on solar energy for the 50% of the power needs if all the suitable roof surfaces, approx. 892 km2 according to a Deloitte-eco study, would be covered by solar panels. The aforementioned study was conducted in 2018, and it claims that with this amount of solar energy the environment would greatly benefit with a reduction in CO2 emissions of 20%. Moreover, the increase of the amount of solar panels would also be advantageous for the development of solar industry.

Solar panels on the roof of our factory

More recent reports have shown a significant growth in this field. The Netherlands have been crowned as the “unquestionable solar energy leader” at the end of 2022, as reported in the article published on, saying that the country had a growth of 38% more than 2021. This numbers are expected to grow during the 2023, thanks to the involvement of  individuals, cooperatives and companies, that are implementing more and more solar panels on their roofs. For example, not far away from Amsterdam a 25m-tall hill was covered with 23.000 solar panels, and farmers are doing the same.

As we dispose of a free source of electricity coming from the sun, with the potential of lasting forever, at Innoseal, we know we can make the difference and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions, not harming the planet, and we are happy to be able to be part of the change that can enlighten the world with solar panels. To witness our journey towards sustainability and learn more about our solar panel initiatives, we invite you to watch the video available on our LinkedIn page.

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