Plastic: Transforming a Problem into a Sustainable Solution for Tomorrow

Bad behaviors we have towards the environment are always condemned by media and people around us. When it comes to plastic, though, the problem is the material itself, and not the irresponsible use we make of it. For an equal treatment, we should retrace our steps and understand our interaction with plastic.

This polymer has been the invention that changed our lives in terms of technology and quality. Life is surrounded by plastic and removing it completely is unconceivable. Nevertheless, our excessive and uncontrolled use of plastic has damaged the environment.

Once we consider the problem from an objective perspective, we understand that only a different human approach to plastic usage can be the solution. Joan Hanegraaf,  CEO of OPACKGROUP for more than 50 years, in his interview, observes that what is important is the proper dispose of plastic. If we would have been forced to wear a t-shirt saying “environmental terrorist”, we would prevent that people keep throwing away [plastic] waste in the street, Hanegraaf; it is a tit-for-tat policy that can work in our modern world.

A real threat for the environment is PVC plastic that, despite being versatile and cheap, is made of toxic chemicals, that are dangerous both for the environment and for us. (learn more about it here

Single-use plastic is another important factor that contributes to plastic pollution in the environment, but that nowadays has become a steady element in people’s lives in our throwaway culture. This kind of plastic has many drawbacks: it can only be used once, cannot be recycled, and causes an unnecessary amount of waste.

Dealing with this problem it is not easy because, on one hand, many unsustainable materials have high taxation and, on the other hand, eco-friendly alternatives result in high prices and taxes. In this regard, Joan Hansgraaf adds that many lies have been told about plastic and its alternatives are not always the best choice. This is because they deteriorate faster and unavoidably you are producing much more wase than before. Switching to paper for a more sustainable choice can turn against it. As a matter of fact, often, this alternative has much more in it since it is mixed with other materials. Thus, it is not 100% recyclable in the paper bin; in addition to this, in the KIDV newsletter it is reported that paper can only be recycled when it is dry and clean. Recycling paper takes longer and the process is even more expensive.

All these inputs constitutes the starting points for our work at Innoseal. We have developed our products with the mindset of sustainable tomorrow.

We at Innoseal are focused on quality for our bag closing solutions to create the best and the most sustainable choice on the market. The innovative closure we designed at Innoseal is made of paper and tape PVC-free, safe for humans health and the environment. It is reusable, remaining efficient, making you close your bags safely and keeping the contents fresh. Differently from bags closed with cardboard clips, Innoseal closures is functional also after taking a bag out of the freezer. What about the cardboard seals?

Building a sustainable tomorrow does not stop at the closure. Innoseal Sealers are made to be eco-friendly. The core parts of our machines are made of recycled materials, they are robust, easy to clean and anti-rust. Investing in Innoseal Sealers is worth it. They have a lifetime durability; this means that the longer you have it the less you are impacting on the planet pollution. Our bag closing dispenser can be also put in the dishwasher worry-free.

We are proud to have in our assortment also a recycled sealer, RE-Sealer. It is our greenest solution, which is eco-friendly and stylish at the same time! Its black base gives it a modern feel and it is made 100% with recycled materials. With the transparent lid you can see through the Sealer and quickly check when it is time to refill it. Our Re-Sealer in combination with the Innoseal closures are your sustainable choice for the environment.

Check out the incredible benefits of Innoseal for yourself, and take the first step towards a greener future today!

Rethink the Problem, Shape the Solution.

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