Let the revolution in the sealing game begin with the Innoseal L-Sealer!

Enhance your bag closing experience with Innoseal L-Sealer! Bigger seals and better grip for a revolutionary sealing game.

Go bigger and feel the ease and efficiency of sealing your products with our innovative Innoseal L-Sealer. You and your customers will go beyond the simple packaging closures. Now we tell you why…

Elderly buyers who come to your shop day after day stand out from all the buyers and connecting with them is priceless. Have you ever wondered how difficult it is for them to open your bag once they go home? The modern-day packaging seals create a real struggle even for the younger individuals, for the older adults and rheumatic people is even worse. We want to change that!

Innoseal has the solution, that simplifies your and your customers’ daily life all at once! Our L-Sealer offers the perfect way to securely close bags and provide a better grip for elderly and rheumatic shoppers by creating our unique tape and paper seal. The Innoseal L-Sealer boasts a wider slot (12 mmm) that creates longer tabs to close countless bags materials, from thick plastic to mesh and more. No more compromises on speed, ease and quality – you’ll have more time to spend while creating the best customer service!

If you need more testimonials, let Hannah Boulton, an advocate for “seniors friendly” packaging materials, share her Innoseal experience with you! She has tirelessly worked for years to raise awareness about the importance of such solutions, and in one of her Innoseal Focus Group, a participant said: It was fun! I’ve never been in a focus group and was interested in the process which you demonstrated well. It is very niche product, and the device is well engineered…

Wait no longer and elevate your customers’ shopping experience today with the Innoseal L-Sealer. The bigger the Sealer, the bigger your and their smiles. Choose to have the peace of mind that comes from using the markets’ best bag closing solution.

Check out our L-Sealer on our webpage now!

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