About us

At Innoseal, we’re passionate about sealing solutions that go beyond the ordinary. Our journey began with a vision to revolutionize the way businesses seal and secure their products. Today, we’re proud to be a global leader in innovative sealing technology.

The world of Innoseal®

Introducing a user-friendly system that anyone can easily use. Our journey began 25 years ago with a great idea, and thanks to years of innovation, we’ve turned that idea into the awesome patented system it is today. We’ve even changed our product’s name a few times, from Duosealer, Twinseal, Pritt Sealer, and Novem Sealer to what we now call the Innoseal Sealer. The big change happened in 2011 when we gave our Innoseal Sealer its current look. But guess what? We’re not done innovating!

Since 2011, we’ve been on a mission to keep improving our products. Plus, we now offer warranties on Sealers made after they leave the factory. We want to make sure you’re happy with your purchase.

Innoseal Europe B.V., also known as Innoseal International, is the company behind these cool Innoseal products. Our name may have changed a bit over the years, but one thing that’s stayed the same is our commitment to making awesome, easy-to-use sealing solutions. We’re excited about what the future holds, and we’re here to keep making life easier for you!

Our Vision

We aspire to be the preferred partner for businesses seeking sealing solutions that meet their unique needs. Through relentless dedication to excellence, continuous improvement, and listening to our customers, we aim to exceed expectations and set new industry standards.

Our Mission

Our mission extends worldwide. We aim to reach businesses and industries across the globe, making a positive impact on supply chains, reducing food waste, and enhancing product safety.

Core Values

At Innoseal, we're taking our commitment to product safety, innovation, and top-notch customer service worldwide. To make it easy for you, we've partnered with distributors across the globe. Discover the Innoseal advantage wherever you are.

For perfect, Innoseal's seal of protection

Innoseal Family

Innoseal Europe works with distributors all over the world to make sure everyone can get their hands on this magnificently simple solution. All our partners are key in spreading Innoseal worldwide.

The bonds forged between Innoseal Europe and their distributors go beyond business transactions. They are nurtured with a deep sense of collaboration and a shared vision for success. Innoseal Europe goes the extra mile to equip their distributors with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively promote their products.

The energy and passion radiating from Innoseal Europe are contagious, inspiring their distributors to passionately represent the brand. These distributors serve as enthusiastic advocates, spreading the word about the innovative Innoseal system and its countless benefits. Innoseal Europe, in turn, reciprocates their dedication by ensuring seamless supply chain management, ensuring that the products are readily available to meet customer demands. This harmonious relationship between Innoseal Europe and their distributors creates a ripple effect, propelling their joint success and leaving a lasting impact on the packaging industry.

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Hectorstaart 15
5047RE Tilburg
The Netherlands

VAT: NL 0095.32.456.B01

Bank: Rabobank
Accountnumber: NL76 RABO 0125564120

Chamber of Commerce: 24182019

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